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Computer Repairs Near Me


The King Repairs started as a means to help a friend, but now we are also about providing the
best repairs in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma. With over 20 years experience
in programming, hardware / software design & repair, there is no project too
difficult to tackle. Everything can be broken into smaller parts and solved individually.
Our philosophy about repair, is that "Sometimes it needs to break a little more,
in order to fix it". That just means I need to separate the base parts,
in order to better understand the problem and find a solution that fits best.
Our commitment is that we don't believe in providing more than
you need, and actively seek ways to keep costs down for you.
We believe in providing a service people need, and doing it well.
We will Always work with you!
Our company is located between off i44 going up 50th street. Turn left onto North Sante Fe Ave, and then right on 52nd Street.
Stop by and we will help you out!
We are the go-to people for Oklahoma City Computer Repair,
and are located between The University of Oklahoma (OU),
Oklahoma State University and the Zoo!
We offer Computer Support and Services for our Local
Community. We also deliver Remote PC Support with
remote access, so people far away can still get help.

Our PC Repair deals with desktops and laptop repairs.
Contact our tech support number here for immediate help.
We provide Computer IT Support for businesses and
consumers alike. No matter the problem, we will guide
you down the right road.

Companies like the Best Buy geek squad and Microsoft
customer service provide you with minimal services
at high cost. There are no comprehensive diagnoses
or computer fixes. Microsoft tech support nowadays is
mostly composed of online answers, taking days of
back and forth conversation. They mostly end in
having you reformat your computer. Microsoft support
is centered toward large businesses nowadays.

The HP Support phone number will charge you for
supporting their own products under warranty. They
read from scripts and will take hours to
accomplish basic tasks and computer service.
If you need virus removal, try us out!

For fastsupport and computer help, contact us today!
Our computer repairs and computer services offer
high quality fixes at reasonable prices.
We do laptop repair near you.

When you need rescue support, contact us here
at this phone number.

You can also live chat with us online for IT support.
We deliver computer repair services remotely for
your convenience. Unlike other IT support companies,
we go above and beyond to insure your satisfaction.

Our tech help and computer support will demonstrate
efficiency and patience during a trying time.
We pride ourselves in Tech Support, to give you and
your computer hope again. Computer repair should be
as painless as possible, while giving you the
information you need going forward.

You deserve the best computer repair near you. Let
our experience work in your favor. We are the best
computer repair service in the area!

*NIX / Windows / Mac we design, operate and Repair it All!

Let us help you with your next project in computer repair or
electronics. We have a vast assortment of tools to call upon in
finding a computer fix near me. Our experience with low voltage
electronics and electrical systems is vital to our results and
project successes. We are well versed in nearly every Technical
domain, supporting users across the Country.

People in Oklahoma deserve a computer repairing service which
can keep up with them, and respect customers' decisions.
We promise never to sell you products you don't need, or to
upsell services which won't help you. A fix for every problem,
specific to the situation. Though our automated services are
liken to a panacea, there are no substitutes for the level of
comfort customers receive over the phone or in person.

If you are suffering through computer issues, contact someone
at our company today. We are more than glad to talk you through
what is going on with your computer or electronics, and offer you
options for repairs.

Our services for computing are provided to consumers, and varying
business sizes. We don't limit ourselves to tech support contracts
with larger companies, as do our competitors. We offer local quality
computer fixes at a reasonable price, and continue our support down
the line. We won't leave you searching for another place in the
future. The King Repairs is here to stay, in the same way we run
it now. Helping people with computer problems is what we do.

Over the years, quality of materials for manufacturing have sharply
decreased. Quality assurance has laxed with quotas for shipment and
profit margins at stake. Computer manufacturers have become liable
only to their stockholders, instead of their customers. Other
Computer Stores in Oklahoma City OK don't provide the same level of
customer service and support that we do.

While it may be cheaper to buy a new computer today, that same
computer will last you for a fraction of how long your old PC did.
There are many cases where upgrading your current computer is
not only cost effective compared to buying a new laptop, but it
will last you longer. While it seems counter-intuitive at first,
older materials were made of stronger composites with less
chemical impurities. Testing was more stringent, as they were
accountable directly to the consumers.

We feel it is our duty to save resources from ending up in a
landfill, by replacing the bad components instead of trashing
the entire computer device. Our experience allows us component
level repairs, so we can keep costs down for you, our customers
at our Computer Store. Oklahoma City OK is a unique place to offer
assistance, with such a diversified community.
There is no quicker or better Shop in OK to help your computer
with getting back to its former shape. In most cases, we actually
make it faster and more reliable than it ever was brand new.
That isn't a gimick; it's a result from years of experience.

Need Directions?

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!
Is your computer slow? Try out our speed fix!

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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