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We made these set of tools because what is currently on the market, is simply inadequate.
Viruses infect PCs with large-brand Antiviruses, Windows computers run slow as heck, and computer
manufacturers use the cheapest components possible, which includes hard drives ready to die within a year.
We want people to get help Before disaster strikes!

Lifelong protection to keep your computer in optimum health and protection, there is no better package than our Premier Tools!
With our own customers in mind, we bundled our tools together, at an even lower rate.

This package has ALL of our programs combined into one:

    - KingRemoval Antivirus: A shotgun approach with the best antivirus definitions, looking in every nook and cranny!

    - HealthMonitor Hard Drive Health Checker: Preventing your computer from catastrophic failure and data loss.

    - SpeedBoost to Increase your Speed: Optimizes your computer to run as fast as possible.

This program is for life, as there are no renewals, and all upgrades are free for future systems.

Currently this software is PC Only (Windows)

This is a Digital Download, and you will receive a link to download the program in an email.

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All in One - Premier Tools

  • $74.99

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