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Our Experience:

Trained in micro soldering with a vast
number of electronics projects under our
belt, you'll be sure the fix will hold,
and will be done correctly.

What we primarily work on:

- Tablets, Android, iOS (iPhones & iPads)
- EKG/EEG/Dental & Medical Equipment
- Gaming Consoles & Virtual Reality
- Speakers, Amps, Headsets

Have solder, will travel

If you need any industrial electronics troubleshot & repaired in the field, we can assist you
with that. With the necessary equipment, knowledge, we efficiently bring systems back online!
We work on large & small appliances alike, minimizing electronic waste, while saving our
customers hundreds and thousands of dollars versus our competitors. We not only manage to
keep overhead low and pass those savings onto you, but we feel what can be repaired should be.
You can always bring in a broken device you want fixed, and we can at
least diagnose it for you! Then we figure if it's financially worthwhile.
We are your One Stop Shop, and we keep true to that!
As each year passes, our technology is
increasingly more complicated. Not only
are more components added into smaller
formed boards (increasing functionality),
but they are being designed not to repair.
Parts are encoded for certain machines,
support references are not documented, or
stronger adhesives are added around the
glass components to hold it all together.
Modern electronics are not easy.
Now, that isn't to say they cannot
be fixed. We at The King Repairs, have
developed many methods & techniques to
counter and bypass the result of this
increased complexity to repairs.
The very nature of our work has us
disassembling and reverse engineering
new products to us, which follow the
same principles as those encountered
thousands of times before.

Services offered:

Appliance Repair:
Whether it's your fridge, dishwasher,
oven, thermostat, washer or dryer, we
have you covered! We do ALL kinds of
appliance repair here. It doesn't matter
if the issue is mechanical, pneumatic,
software, or electrical. We first do a
diagnosis, give you an estimate, then
perform the fixes to your satisfaction.
We will let you know if the cost to
repair would outweigh replacement.
Electronic Upgrades:
Another neat service we offer, are our
upgrades for appliances and electronics.
These can be as simple as doubling or
tripling battery life in scooters and
wheelchairs, to adding functionality for
any device which you heavily rely upon.
Interfacing industrial electronics,
bypassing factory designed circuitry,
robotic automation technology, and more!
We do all of our own coding and
reverse engineering In-Shop!

Though we do Oklahoma City Computer Repair, our Electronics Repair
Oklahoma division is equally as versed in electrical components.
We feel it is our duty to fix machines that would otherwise
end up in a landfill, for less of the cost of buying a new one.
This not only helps with recycling, but your wallet and budget
as well. We do our part to give back and reuse the resources
available to us. Electronic waste is a major issue to the
ecosystem, and re-using materials means less mining and need
for manufacturing carbon emissions.

For Electronics and Computer Repairing Services near me,
use The King Repairs to fix your broken devices! We provide
complimentary quotes for how much it will cost to repair.
We will go over the symptoms, and determine the most likely
set of failures, and components needed to be replaced.
We know exactly what to say and ask you, because we've
been there before, thousands of times. Our experience is
the essence of The King Repairs, along with adaptability
to changing times and electronics issues facing you.

Keep in mind, if we cannot fix it, you don't pay!
We're that confident in our services, to guarantee a
solution pro bono. We also keep to our quotes, so
you can be certain to know exactly what is going on,
and how much it will cost. We'll be upfront if it isn't
worth the cost to repair feasibly. Specific parts take
on average, under a week to receive and install. We try
to keep everything on hand, but there are billions of
electronic components; though when we can, we repair
individual pieces for re-use. Electro-mechanical is
one of our main trade fields.

Products range from consumer electronics all the way
up to industrial electronics systems. We service all.
When downtime hits, give us a call for emergency support.
We've serviced the leading manufacturers in repairs and
design, and will for you too! There is no problem that
doesn't have an answer, and we're keen on finding it.

You can get in touch with our support many ways, as
we have live chat, we take phone calls, and emails.
We are the best Electronic Repair Oklahoma City.
Let us fix your electronics with guaranteed results,
and outstanding service. Our competition cannot deliver
solutions as quickly as we can, nor as aptly. We
repair All devices for a reason, experience.

Medical equipment, robotics, fabrication, high voltage,
low voltage, layout design & implementation. We also do
printers (thermal, laser & ink), field instrument repair,
component level repairs on the circuit boards, and more.

We design and build 3D models for prototyping and design
of electronics. Our Robotics Shop is closely paired with the
Electronics division, though customers are a bit different.
Quick or long term fixes equipment incurring downtime,
to small and large household electronic repair Oklahoma City.
We really do it all here, and are glad to help our community
with whatever fix and repair is necessary to keep it running.
Try us today near you for top quality repairs at lower cost.

While you're here, check out our computer repairing
services near me. We have ways to get rid of computer
virus for good. If you're close to Oklahoma City, computer
repair services are nearby! Visit and try out our
Tech Repair Shop near me. We fix everything here.
Get in touch for iPhone Repair as well!

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone! Even Remotely online.

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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