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Keeping Secure is more important now than Ever!

Don't be left behind while the world
is changing; what we took for granted in
network security, potentially is exposing you
and your customers towards a data breach.
Don't have time to keep an eye on
everything? We don't blame you! Let us and
our automated systems help protect you
when it counts most to you!
We develop custom Intrusion Prevention
Systems modeled after our own, though
customized to fit your architecture &
differing levels of security needs.
In this regard, we work primarily with Small
to Medium sized businesses who don't have a
dedicated IT department, nor the budget for
one. Our services are priced reasonably,
are coded thoroughly and are durable.
Detailed reports are made human readable.

Our Penetration Testing of networks is
thoroughly done in many facets. A range of
methods are deployed against both the most
common assaults, and those of greatest
damage to you and your business assets.
thoroughly done in many facets. A range of
Let us test your employees knowledge of
your network's security, in practice.
USB drops, social engineering, and
physical security will be tested. This
will reveal the worst vulnerabilities,
especially if you outsource intranet or
internet content to managed providers.

Find ways to protect yourself & mitigate
future threats. We offer consultations
through the process of many of our services.

Services offered:

Network Evalutions:
Let us go over every port in your
business, to find and fix spots of
interference and inefficiency.

Then we'll go over your network and wifi
configuration, patching holes, looking for
improvements to your overall security.
Penetration Testing:
We conduct security audits on / off site,
deliver reports of vulnerabilities and
solutions to protect your business from
incoming cyber threats.
Encryption Services:
Do you have important information that you
need to keep confidential at all costs?
Let us encrypt your current system with
all of your current settings & data intact.
Even if someone steals your device, they
will NEVER be able to read its contents.
Monitoring for Small Businesses:
Providing ongoing support and AI tracking
regarding the security of your valuable
business assets.

Our services are customized for your
every want and need! We employ state-
of-the-art technology onto pre existing
systems of varying age and reliability,
often times fixing issues you've been
having for years!
Were you or those in your business exposed
to a rootkit or virus? Act Quickly before
more damage can be done! Just because
there are no symptoms of damage, does NOT
mean there isn't, or that it won't be ongoing damage.
For most busuinesses, a security evalution is a prudent course
of action; especially when dealing with customers' personal
information. Have our team poke through any and all weak spots,
in a controlled manner, in order to patch them against real threats.

The time for action is before disaster strikes, though
we often find ourselves mitigating damages after such events.
The saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
This is quite true, and particularly in the security world.

Unfortunately, true security hardly exists. Side-stepping tactics
such as RF sniffing for keystrokes across a parking lot is all too
easy for attackers. All anyone needs to cause damage to your company
is physical access as well. The best we can do is to mitigate their
attacks, learn from them, and implement defensive measures of your
own. We develop Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems for our
clients, enabling them to expand with confidence of their protection.

We at the King Repairs feel that Pentesting, or fuzzing, is crucial
in developing and maintaining secure systems for our clients.
The process starts and ends the same. We initially talk over the
phone, then schedule an evaluation start date. For some companies,
lack of notice is required in order to fully test natural conditions.

After we are done collecting a list of security vulnerabilities,
we send them along with recommendations to our client. Some prefer
to fix issues themselves, while others are content with us doing it.
Sometimes compliance and regulation make it more difficult for us to
fix the problems directly, but we will always guide you though
the process if requested. Our customer support is unparalleled.

National chains benefit most from pentesting services, as the
results are often directly scalable to other stores. Other large
businesses require the additional security audit for compliance,
or feel the need to after, or ideally before a security event.
Unfortunately now more than ever, cyberattacks have been on
the rise. Tensions with Russia and China have hackers scanning
the entire internet for vulnerable systems in infrastructure,
manufacturing, energy, and other systems to disrupt economies.

The best offense is a good defence, and we at The King Repairs
offer our clients innovative systems in monitoring and treating
threats to your businesses. Contact us today to find ways we can
work together, strengthening your security profile in the modern
age. We have worked with leading companies in developing systems
to protect consumers from fraud, and theft.

Our Network Security services are vital in a world of constant
cyberattacks, and others exploiting systems for personal gain.
Hospitals are dealing with the worst of it, with attackers
encrypting entire subnets for computers worth of data. They
extort companies into buying back access to their own data,
however it is best not to pay the ransom.

We have ways to mitigate the effects of worms and trojans after
the fact, breaking and side-stepping decryption, allowing your
company access again to vital information and utilities for
continued operation.

Contact us today to get more information, or to start the process
of overhauling your security plans. Emergency calls are taken at
any hour, because an attack can happen anytime. When disaster strikes,
let us help you gain back control over your organization.
Let our experience work for you!

Need Directions?

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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