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The King Repairs is happy to visit local businesses or customers homes for on site service.

Rather leave your computer at our shop,
but want to save yourself the hassle?

Call Us and ask us about our local
pick up and drop off services.

In most cases same or next-day on site
response is available for local customers
within Oklahoma County.
We offer free quotes on all installs and
setups for network and security systems.

Have a bigger security or network
project in mind?

We offer On Site Service Calls for:

PC and Mac hardware & software issues or installs
for printer, fax, and scanner setup and troubleshooting.
Internet, local network, router, switch, Wifi, network cabling
installs and service, Server troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.
No matter your problem, we help our customers with any repairs!
Quotes for custom interfacing & automation between systems
which could normally never can communicate with one another, but can
increase your efficiency if they would. All programming & design is done in-house.
Emergency services 24/7 support, whether it's a human, or robot technician
(if remote support is feasible). Weekends, holidays, everyday to keep you connected.
We also provide virus removal remotely and automatically!
Can't make it into our Shop? No problem!
Have one of our skilled technicians travel
to your location, and fix the issue there.
We will first determine if the problem can
be solved remotely, as to minimize costs.
Our travel expense is $20 within 15 miles.
If you are farther away, inquire and we will
work something out.
To save even further, let us bring the
machine back to our Shop (if possible).
This will give us further time on
preventative maintenance, diagnostics
for the rest of the components, and
makes sure it isn't rushed.
We do offer on site solder services, but
those are primarily for industrial repairs
and projects requiring automation.
However, if your large appliance is acting
strange, there is a good chance we'll need
to repair the motherboard at your location.
Is there a pesky bug in your system?
Interference or miscommunication often
is the culprit. Locating it and fixing
it though, is easier said than done.
Let us bear the brunt & headache for
troubleshooting a glitch in a large,
pre-existing system.

With our experience, we can quickly
determine the source of the issue,
and rectify it in a timely manner.
Most of the time, we become so used
to an issue or systemic bug, that we
work around it. These can build up &
become overwhelming in short time.
Don't see a service listed that you need?
Just give us a call. We've done all kinds
of residential and industrial projects
imaginable. From fixing Hot Tubs, Robotic
and designs, to Nanofabricators,
we enjoy a variety of projects.
Our on-site computer services demonstrate a working
knowledge for solving technical issues in the field.
"Have solder, will travel" is our motto. Often times it is
logistically impossible to bring machines to our office,
and requires us to go on site, and to house calls.
We are glad to provide this service to people in Oklahoma,
keeping you and the community going when trouble arrises.

An interesting facet of our services, is that we repair
industrial, medical and consumer products. We contract
preventive maintenance for local companies, insuring their
equipments' health and reducing downtime.

Where we aren't directly around, we have partners in the area.
When we don't have partners around, and you need industrial
projects completed, then fly us in and we'll fix your issues.

Our team travels around the world solving the worst problems
in computing and manufacturing. There are no projects too large,
which doesn't fall under our domains of expertise.
We work with you and your teams to find solutions to automation
and manufacturing issues, bringing many engineering
departments together under a single problem.

We work best in systemics, finding fixes for issues spanning
across multiple fields. Valuing efficiency and clear communication,
we hastily work to bring your machines and systems back online.
Contact one of our representatives today to inquire about
our large business solutions. Industrial automation, robotics
repair & design are some of our services we offer companies,
however those are mostly sought, after we fix the initial
problem and prove our expertise.

However, these aren't the only onsite services we provide to
our community. We help normal consumers concerning problems
with devices in their homes too! There isn't an issue too big
or small, that we cannot help you with. We have multiple teams
ready to assist you with your IT Support needs.

Computer Repair is a passion for us, as is helping others.
Combining the two into a computer repairing business was second
nature. In this we've found many new friends and associates that
we work alongside. We feel that you don't need to know everything,
but you do need to know where to find it. Our team excels at
locating solutions when we lack information, or documentation.
We consistently backup all images we are working on, for
version control. This allows us to trace back computer fixes
and bugs, through displacing known working variables.

Try us today for on site service, and all your tech needs.
We have offices located near you, with a remote tech support
team to help you online and remotely. No matter where you are,
there is a solution nearby at The King Repairs.

We travel all around Oklahoma City Oklahoma, USA to help our customers
with electronic and computer issues. Looking for repair places
near me? We've got you covered. When disaster strikes, look to us
for repairs. Our process may not always be neat and orderly, but our
solutions are. Sometimes you have to go back a few steps in order
to take a better road. We aren't afraid of failure and mistakes,
but we're careful to always self-correct; while our records always
prove 100% project results at the end of the day.

And much more! Call Us and ask; chances are we can fix it.

Need Directions?

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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