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The King Repairs is proud to serve the community & local businesses

Our Business Partners also enjoy benefits
and discounts that we provide, while
furthering our mutual relationships
which last within our community.
Repeat customers (personal & business) can
expect decreased rates, while businesses
experience less latency and downtime.

We understand these are Critical points to
avoid in any sized business, and actively
find ways to decrease their frequency in
yours. Best practice is a multi pronged
effort, in its proper sequence.
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance can
mitigate down time before it happens. It's as
crucial as backing up your data & having
backups & Disaster Recovery plans in place.

It's not always that glamorous though.
Computers, printers and many other types of
equipment regularly need diagnostic upkeep
to ensure their peak performance.
That is why it is important to take the
time to do things right, consistently.
If your company or business is too small for
a dedicated IT department, but is expanding
beyond how your current needs are met,
we may be a perfect solution for you.
Reach out and let us know how we can help
you with your projects. Let our experience
work for you, while we work with you!
We feel that providing our customers with
best customer support, is worth taking the
extra time and care. We also take care to
partner with similar local businesses.
Efficiency Consult & Auditing:
After going over your operations, we
will make recommendations to improve
the efficiency in many ways. If you'd like
we can help you with the fixes and
the upgrades recommended.

The majority of our customers in this
field are in automation themselves, to
some degree. Mostly in manufacturing,
or technological development, looking
to speed up the production of their
products and services.
It's worth mentioning we write SOPs
and practice under HIPPA compliance.
Hardware/Software/Networking TS:
We work on desktops, laptops, printers,
server and other networking equipment.
schedule initial evaluations, ongoing
preventive maintenance visits, and
any issues which pop up anytime.
We always offer emergency services for
our customers in need of it.
Custom Solutions Design:
Let us work with you to interface your
operations, minimize problems, and
customize your solutions.
We'll connect as many independent
systems together for you as required.
Many of our solutions are technology
based, though most are doing uncommon
things in a common way; intuitive in
nature, though overlooked or too
complicated until now!

Also try out our automated computer Anti-virus for your business.
Don't see what you are looking for?
Call Us for more information. There's
a good chance we can help you directly,
or we will make recommendations for you!
Becoming one of our Partners entitles you not only to discounts,
but organic traffic through referrals. We can't be everywhere at
once, but with your help we can help everyone!

Partnership with The King Repairs is very lucrative. Whether you
provide computer repair service, electronics repair, software
design, or any other of our services, we have people near you
ready to get in touch. Increase your customer base exponentially
without the added overhead of an entirely new system.

We have easy access login for employees and partners, automated
sales generation techniques, and a direct access line for all
troubleshooting, diagnostic, and computer fix questions.

Becoming a partner with us is easier than ever! Call us today
to speak with a branch representative about partnership and
third party discounts on services & products.

You already know we're at the top of our game in marketing since
you found us, but take a look at the rest of our website to gain
insight into our other computer services near you. Even if
business partnership may not be right for your company, we'll
assist you regarding any one of our IT Support services.

We offer IT and computer servicing even to other computer repair
companies. Let us help you grow your customers in novel ways,
teaching you our process along the way! If you are ready to
receive more customers, call us now. We will set you up and keep
you going even through tech droughts and economic turmoil.

The best part of partnering with The King Repairs is that we
enable smaller businesses to compete equally well, or better than
their competition. We require all of our partners to maintain
good practice in helping customers, and deal with issues immediately.
We consistently check customer reviews to insure we are referring
only the best repair companies near you.

With access to our resources, these requirements are relatively easy
to sustain. Not only do they continue our cooperation, but they
add local referrals through friends and family of happy customers.
That is our purpose; for people to leave with a smile and a fix,
having learned more about their devices in the process.

We are honored to already work with businesses around the USA,
and invite you to join us on this journey. Our referral network
spans across the globe, with computer help locally and online
using our Remote IT Support division.

Partners receive credit against their dues for all software sold
by us to customers. These tools are custom made by us, designed
to assist our customers when they can't bring their devices in.
Shop tools subscriptions are available for guaranteed virus removal,
speed up computer and PC, hard drive health monitoring, and more!

Are you interested in discussing something not listed here?
Call us and we can talk about it. There is always someone around,
and able to answer your questions. We look forward to talking
with you about ideas for growing your business. Alternatively,
you can email us and we will get back to you within a business day.

Need Directions?

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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