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Speed Up Windows 10 PC - Fix for why is Computer so Slow

(Download Speed Up My PC tool)

Computer Running Slow? Windows 10

Slow Computer? Windows 10 computer comes with a lot
of pre-installed software which bloats your system.
Learn how to make your computer faster with a
PC Speed Test or computer performance test in SO.

How to make computer faster?

Many installed programs can build up and
slow your computer down, especially when they
all are running at the same time. Finding them
isn't always straightforward either. Let us
help you get you a fast computer fix today!

Computer Speed Test

Try out our free diagnostic tool for our customers, so that they can better understand
what is taking up the most resources. We also recommend CCleaner to remove
temporary files that you no longer have need for.

Windows 10 / 7 provide many features for its users, but also slows down
your computer, if it isn't brand new. There are tweaks that can be made
to return your computer to normal speed and operation.

Our computer fixing for your computer running slow depends upon the situation,
but you will learn how to make your computer faster in the process. We pride
ourselves on helping others to better help themselves. It can be very hard
to know exactly what to do, but we will make it easier for you!

A common question users face is "why is my computer so slow?".
If your Windows computer slow all of a sudden, then you
may have too many programs running at the same time in
the background, have viruses utilizing your resources, or
various other issues to make your computer running slow.

Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden?
You can use a PC Performance Test to see where the
majority of your computer issues are. You can also
use our tools to clean up Windows 10.

How to fix a slow computer?
You can speed up computer by installing our tool
which automatically removes slow programs, optimizes
system configurations, and more on your Windows PC.

Why do computers slow down?
Many Antivirus programs are heavily loaded with things
you don't need, and all this overhead takes up your
resources. If you're wondering why is my computer slow,
or how to speed up a slow computer, try our tool here.

What is slowing down my computer?
Programs installed on your computer when you received
it act as a base, upon which everything else you
downloaded accumulates. This makes for a slow computer.

My computer is running slower than usual:
This is a major sign of issue. Any abnormal performance
should be investigated. One slow computer fix in this case
is that your hard drive is failing, and about to die.
Another is that you have contracted a computer virus,
and need your PC disinfected & computer cleaned.

Why is my new computer so slow?
There are multiple types of hard drives where your data
is stored. If it isn't a solid state drive, then you may
experience much slower performance. You can always
speed up Windows 10 with our SpeedBoost software.

How to speed up Windows 10?
Desktop and laptop running slow on Windows is quite common.
"My computer is slow", is a frequent start to conversations
with people calling us. Your computer is a finely tuned
machine which needs to be properly balanced for the
best performance possible. We are near Mogadishu Somalia.

"Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden?!"
"How to speed up computer?"

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Mogadishu Somalia, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!
Learn more on how to speed up your computer or Windows 7 Laptop.
For tips on how to make my computer faster, check out our blog
for computer repair shops
and how to make my laptop faster today!

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