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(Rate is $95 / hour)

In-Shop Labor: $95 / hour for all In-
Shop services, with a medium of
1/2 hour. Luckily, we're efficient!
We work on PC, Mac, *NIX operating
systems, and even more.
On Site Labor: $95 / hour at the
location, with a minimum of 1 hour.
Travel within 10 miles is free, but
multiply the mileage by 2.2 otherwise.
We repair all sorts of hardware,
firmware, and software issues.
We always succeed, too!
Picking up / Dropping off: $20 travel
fee. For travel over 10 miles, multiply
the mileage by 2. Unfortunately, we
aren't performing these services
out of state right now.

To give an further example regarding
some of the services we offer, here
is a more comprehensive list:

We re-grease processors (like a car oil
change), upgrade computers, and
troubleshoot components. Repair OSs
(operating systems), build computers,
remove viruses, data recovery off
damaged drives, data transfer, clone
to SSD (solid state drive) & optimize
software, upgrade / change PSUs
(power supply unit), same with RAM
(short term memory), and other
components. We can remove
passwords you've forgotten, get
back data you deleted, replace
screens, hinges, batteries,
motherboards and other PCBs
(printed circuit boards).
We will give your computer a clean and tune up.

We'll fix any electronic device you
bring in, and perform any specific
service for your devices.

Don't see what you're looking for?
That's okay.
We can only list so much.
Give us a call and we'll talk!


You can always mail your mac or pc
device to us from anywhere in the
, for services, or any specific
repair. Please fill out our New Device
form First, so we can reference your device when it comes in. Thank you!

The King Electronics &
Computer Repair
121 NE 52nd St
Kiev UA, 73105

We provide Computer Repair IT Kiev UA. Jobs too!
Offering systems repair service for Ukraine, we experience
very interesting issues. We also do mac computer repair.
Ukraine is a wonderful state with a vibrant community,
and we are honored to serve you when dealing with your
computer repair in Kiev UA.

If you're looking for computer repair shops in Kiev UA,
you don't have to look any further. We are the Best in
local computer repair. Kiev UA is perfect for our
computer repairing service near me, as students need their
Ukraine University computer repairs in Kiev UA done
efficiently, so they can get back to school studies.

We're proudly offering Kiev UA computer repair services,
and system repair near me. If you found us looking for
computer repair near Kiev UA, you're at the right place.
We fix all types of problems with PC and apple computer repair.
Support Kiev UA by choosing us for your computer support.
Near Kiev UA, computer repair service is sponsored by
our local communities, with a wide impact.
We repair computer components, in addition to replacing fully
damaged ones. Our knowledge allows computer repairs here to
exceed expectations. As for PC servicing we do desktop
computer repairs near my location, laptop repair Kiev UA.

Looking for Computer Technicians near me? Our PC Repair
Techs will solve any problem you can throw at us.
The King Repairs with service, and you our customers in mind.

Though we are a computer repairer company, our support
reaches into several vast, yet varying domains.
Our polymathic approach to pcrepair, leaves our competition
relying upon us to finish a job they cannot.

Our customers for Kiev computer repair have varied
interests, but they all have the same types of issues.
Viruses plague the online world, especially now with recent
conflicts fueling cyberattacks. Stay safe online with our
tools to fight viruses, and other ways to speed up your PC.

When looking for reliable tech repair shops near me, a little
research goes a long way! Call them to get a feel for their
attitude. An impatient company can be as great as possible,
but if their customer service is horrendous, there isn't any
making up for it. We Pride ourselves upon being able to
relate important information in a clear, and concise nature
with our clients. We also find it valuable to teach our
customers about peculiarities in the products they use.

For example, one of our customers in a rural area had a
lot of electronics and wireless devices in their home.
Though their roku was only a short distance from their router,
they couldn't get decent connection. Though this wasn't
the reason for going on site, we noticed their apple TV
was a bit too close to the Roku, and the signals were
colliding around a very narrow corner. You see, wireless
devices have their strongest signals they emit, close by.
The farther out the signal has to reach too, the less
power strength it has, exponentially.

There are many facets of technology which are not intuitive.
We understand this, and find ways to make your lives easier
through our experience. We have developed software to make
your computing better. Our team will not stop until we
find you a solution that best fits you and your needs.
We know that everyone's situation is a bit different, so
we find computer fixes which best fit you.

We don't upsell or over-sell you products and services you
don't need. Having a wide skillset, we cater to many
people in Ukraine, while providing an efficient service.
Most people find us directly in need of computer repair,
from search engines such as Google or Bing. We don't
spend any money on advertising, yet you found us.

This is just one aspect of our business we provide to
other companies and small businesses, for expedited growth.
We are the best in everything we do, and it shows with
our results. If your business needs better visibility,
try us out our Search Engine Optimization services.
We will bring your brand and services, directly to the front!

Let us help you with your Kiev computer repair, and
answer any questions you have along the way. Our staff is
patient, courteous and knowledgeable. Try us for IT Support
for electronics and computer tech repairs. We do it all!

If we can't fix it, we don't charge you. We are based on Results!
We provide electronics and computer repair to these cities: Kadoma - Beitbridge - Epworth - Rusape - Chipinge - Gweru - Karoi - Redcliff - Harare - Manicaland - Matabeleland North - Chegutu - Matabeleland South - Masvingo - Victoria Falls - Marondera - Mashonaland Central - Shurugwi - Kwekwe - Mutare - Kariba - Zvishavane - Mashonaland East - Midlands - Bindura - Norton - Chinhoyi - Bulawayo - Hwange - -

Need Directions?

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses in Kiev Ukraine, though we offer
all of our services to Everyone!

Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!
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