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Our Standard Services:

- Free On Site Evaluations for Businesses
- Site & Data Decomission upon Scheduling
- DOD Standard of Destruction (7x pass)
- Physical, Magnetic, Software & Chemical
- On site Hard Drive Erasure and Shredding
- Recycling & Safe E-Waste Removal

We're well versed in Oklahoma & Federal Regulations

Chapter 62, Title 9, Subchap. 4, Subsection
b. Your clients data is vitally important
to keep safe & secure.
When upgrading or removing retention
expired data, trust us to get the job done!

We make it our business so
nobody knows yours!

We offer On Site Service calls

DOD level of standard in making sure your data is unrecoverable.
We have a variety of methods for destroying your information.
We also dispose of your old equipment for Free! After erasing the
data, we safely dispose of the remaining e-waste materials.
While we cater to Small and Medium level Businesses, Private Medical
Clinics, etc., we also work on consumer devices for customers.
Shredding on site at business locations, though pick up is available
and destruction will be done in shop.
Not familiar with how this goes? No problem!
First, give us a call and we'll schedule a
time to come out, inspect and inventory the
equipment. With Smaller businesses,
we trade some labor for the equipment their
data resides within. We can ensure complete
destruction of any Personal Information on
all electronics, phones & printers too.
Second, We will schedule another time with
you, to perform the actual destruction (or
removal for off-site destruction if less
HIPPA sensitive data, or by request).
Fees for Onsite Services are billed by the
hour, while those in our shop are often
considerably less billable hours.
We are prepared for any type of equipment
to decommission. If need be, we rent u-hauls
to transport the equipment off site where we
can more readily dispose of the drives,
and their content in a more efficient manner.
Our custom automated programs run several
passes over the disks, with randomized
salted blocks of data (a computer's version
of random, encoded with a strong password)
Drilling & Force:
For platter drives made of aluminum and
ceramic type materials, we can break them
apart by physically drilling through the
housing. Simply smashing the controller &
heads aren't enough to destroy your data.
For solid state drives, disintegrating by
force is employed on the chips themselves.
Essentially it's using a strong magnetic
field to scramble the bits of data on the
hard drive. This method works best after
removing the platters from the housing.
The software method of writing data over
existing data, ideally randomized.
Unfortunately, computers cannot generate
true random, but we find composite methods
to reinforce this strategy.
Using strong acids we can most efficiently
destroy hard drives and chips. It's ideal,
albeit not in the field.
Our lab is controlled & equipped though.
Are you looking for someone to do a site decomission for your
Business? We're here to help. Whether your company is small or
large scale, we have you covered.

First we will schedule a visit to take inventory, notes on
what needs to happen, and when. You'll let us know what you
want done with the data; complete destruction, or made into a
localized offline backup.

We'll then perform all destruction and decommission on site, if
possible. Detailed notes on serial numbers of hard drives are
collected into an Excel file, along with other equipment.
We destroy memory on phones, workstations, servers, and anything
else you have which needs data destruction.

We bring in our trucks to load the equipment, if necessary, to
be recycled. A copy of all notes are sent to you. We may consider
trading data destruction service for the equipment itself, or a
fraction which doesn't need to be destroyed. All digital
information on hard drives is physically broken down though,
and is permanently destroyed. There is no reusing hard drives.

Unloading the equipment into storage units, we separate that
which can be re-used, from units which need electronic recycling.
There is value in older equipment, and not just in their parts.
With testing and tuning, they can be refurbished for other companies
when installing new drives. If possible, we find ways to re-use
everything salvaged. Even if just for our own use.

There are many laws in place which dictate how long businesses
are required to keep customer's data for. After these expire,
people are left wondering what to do with old equipment.
These laws are also germane when it comes to companies closing
down, and how personal information is treated during those times.
Let us help you with specifics, as we've done this before.

Whether tax, healthcare, pensions or others, let us be there
when you need advice, and help to remove old computers and data.
We aim to make the situation as painless as possible, during
the stressful times of changing operations at your location.
Let our experience assist you in decisions on how to handle
site destruction, what to keep, and how to reliably maintain
data. You are liable for your customer's data, so be sure to
choose a company which has decades experience in the field.

We are courteous, professional and verify all data is removed
with government grade standards by overwriting random data in
several passes, or physically destroying the drive media.
Some state regulations require us to destroy the data onsite,
whereas others don't. Generally it is more cost-effective for
our clients to have their hard drives destoryed off-site.

Call us today for data destruction and decommission services
near you. There won't be a single piece missed, and we'll work
with you on regulations regarding how to best approach the
situation. Every company is a bit different, but we work with
you on how to plan destruction, with a free site survey at
your location to determine where to start.

We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes &
recommendations. Most of our customers for this service are local
businesses, though we offer all of our services to Everyone!

Be sure to Call Us!

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